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Feyenoord Rotterdam , @Feyenoord
Officiële Twitter account van Feyenoord Rotterdam. English: @Feyenoord_int | |…W
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Real followers: 39,904 (8.95%)

The average follower twopscore is 1.64

Standard "egg" profile picture222,12349.82%
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11-100 tweets total53,85912.08%
More than 100 tweets total57,42612.88%
Tweeted last 30 days85,69319.22%

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64.13% scored less than 2 points and is most likely fake or spam.
86.95% scored less than 4 points and is most likely fake, inactive or not engaged.
5.24% scored at least 6 points and these are mostly active, engaged Twitter users.

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