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Ted Rubin , @TedRubin
'Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass... it's about learning to dance in the rain.' :-)
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Twopcharts ranking English language:#8,939
Global Twopcharts ranking:#14,323
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Real followers: 94,042 (17.48%)

The average follower twopscore is 2.39

Standard "egg" profile picture229,02542.57%
Never tweeted197,28336.67%
1-10 tweets total192,06535.70%
11-100 tweets total60,09411.17%
More than 100 tweets total88,55416.46%
Tweeted last 30 days194,21736.1%

We checked a random sample of 3,000 followers of the last 75,000 followers, which is a large sample. Other checks may show different results.

48.17% scored less than 2 points and is most likely fake or spam.
78.80% scored less than 4 points and is most likely fake, inactive or not engaged.
12.60% scored at least 6 points and these are mostly active, engaged Twitter users.

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