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Wesley Wyndham-PryceLos Angeles, California2008-10-03
@WesleyPryce2,176 days
I didn't get this job because of my looks. Head of Angel Investigations, because they won't rename it the Wyndham-Pryce Agency
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Alexander L Harris @Xander
Is it wrong that I'm all giddy to find a net connected computer in the back of the Bronze? I can check my messages and listen to Dingoes.
joshwhedon @joshwhedon
@spellfury lol, very creative show, keep at it!
2015d in reply to spellfury               
BuffyAnneSummers @BuffySummers
@willow_r bronze tonight please?
2029d in reply to willow_r               
Cordelia Chase @CordyChase
@WesleyPryce I have @BuffySummers's bday on my Horrible Things Usually Happen On This Day calendar. Which you really only need in Sunnydale.
1705d in reply to WesleyPryce               
Felicia Day @feliciaday
This is the weirdest crap I've seen on YouTube in a while. Thx @KimEvey for blowing my mind.
Cordelia Chase @CordyChase
In fact, now that I have my head shots in hand (they're alright) I'm gonna see a talent scout about getting out of this one Starbucks town.
Angel @Angel_us
I wonder how I can get cable installed here..... I mean, without having the credit check and fill out forms.
Cordelia Chase @CordyChase
Happy Valentine's Day! Feel free to send all your love, adoration, and jewelery my way. But no chocolate. Bad for the complexion.
Rick Hawn @Jindai
@CordyChase *reserves the "I Told You So" for future use.*
1930d in reply to CordyChase               
Willow Rosenberg @willow_r
@Xander any chance I could get my tapes of Xena back any time soon? Finished watching them yet? Finished .. enjoying them?
2025d in reply to Xander               
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