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Brianne Pointer2009-04-10
@briepointer1,985 days
I am a student at Conestoga College for graphic design. I'm always interested in inspiration, you can help by telling me your story.
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Paul Lemieux @paultheintern
Special guest on tonight's show. I haven't been this excited since the birth of Christ.
Becca @riddickulous25
All ready for the PLL special too bad we need to wait till Tuesday in Canada! @LucyyHale
Jeremy Röth @PantsSuck
@briepointer we can do an entire Harrison ford marathon
1069d in reply to briepointer               
Jeremy Röth @PantsSuck
I don't thinking like horses...
Katie Wood @kayteewood
@briepointer Hey Brieeeeeee! *flips bird*
1952d in reply to briepointer               
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