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Twitter User Profile
Follower History
If you follow us, we will track who started following you and who stopped following you. Changes will be sent by DM once a day.
Dublin City, Ireland
On Twitter since 16 Apr 2018 ( 121 days)
Twopscore: 4.73 (Click for details)

Tweet Analysis

Tweets analyzed: 130
Tweets per day: 1
Tweets >140 characters: 65





Retweet variation: 3/20

Reply variation: 23/27


Followers: 507
Fwers per166252
Real active followers: 484 (95.41%)
Fake followers: 6 (1.15%)
Real inactive followers: 17 (3.44%)

The average follower twopscore is 7.91

Standard "egg" profile picture20.45999999999999%
Never tweeted10.23%
Tweeted last 30 days47192.89%

We checked all 507 followers.

0.00% scored less than 2 points and is most likely fake or spam.
2.75% scored less than 4 points and is most likely fake, inactive or not engaged.
85.32% scored at least 6 points and these are mostly active, engaged Twitter users.

E-mail: info@twopcharts.com
Twitter: @twopchartsisok