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Unfortunately, after 5 years of providing you with Twitter data, we were now informed by Twitter that Twopcharts is suspended from interacting with the Twitter API for violating the Twitter Terms of Service. At this moment we do not know if and when this situation will be remedied, but for the moment we cannot provide you with data and analytics from Twitter.

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Check out how long you have been on Twitter in years, months and days. You can also check how long you have been on twitter compared to all other Twitter users who have ever registered. The comparison is made both in time since Twitter exists and in comparison with the number of users who have registered after an account.
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marcO Germany / Ruhrp0tt2007-09-16
@dh3lix!!! 7 years !!!
Terranisches Konförderationsmitglied, Genie mitohne Auto, Pirat inklusive Internet nomnoms, ich esse Nutella mit dem Löffel aus dem Glas.
marcO has the following Twitter user-ID: 8,910,372 
marcO has been on Twitter for 7 years.
marcO has been on Twitter for 82.4% of its existence.
marcO has been on Twitter longer than 99.900% of all other Twitter users.
marcO has wasted approximately 136 hours writing tweets on Twitter
marcO has invested approximately 136 hours of valuable time writing tweets on Twitter
The above calculations were made, assuming that Twitter started on March 21st, 2006 when the first accounts were registered. We also assumed that Twitter identification numbers are released sequentially. marcO has an identification number of 8,910,372 while we believe the last registered user-ID is now approximately 2,700 million. Twitter recently made some adjustments to the release of new user-ID's which means some ID's are skipped. We believe that at this moment approximately 1,626 million user-ID's have actually been registered, which includes all accounts that have been subsequently deleted or suspended. It also includes accounts that are existing but no longer active or have never been active at all. To determine the number of hours that were required to write all tweets, it was assumed that on average it takes 30 seconds to write a tweet.

Hey, guess what! We already know marcO !

marcO is ranked #2,444 in the Deutsche Twopcharts of 2014-06-30
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