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While we are making some adjustments, we expect to be back online soon!

Unfortunately, after 5 years of providing you with Twitter data, we were now informed by Twitter that Twopcharts is suspended from interacting with the Twitter API for violating the Twitter Terms of Service. At this moment we do not know if and when this situation will be remedied, but for the moment we cannot provide you with data and analytics from Twitter.

We are very sorry about this situation and the inconvenience it is causing. We hope the situation can be resolved soon.

Twitter ID check allows you to check for any user-ID or user name if it exists, and shows extended information about the user, as it is stored in the Twitter database. If a user is suspended this will be indicated. You do not need to input the "@" for a user name, but please indicate if your input should be regarded as a user name or as a user-ID, since it is possible that user names consist entirely out of digits.
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