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At Twopcharts we make stuff for Twitter users and help them to identify interesting other Twitter users. We are tracking the statistics for many Twitter accounts in a number of languages, and for many of the largest cities in the world.

We also try to provide you with a number of tools that you can use to view interesting things about your own account, or the account of other users.
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Milestone Mention

If you follow "Milestone Mention" we will send you a tweet for your next Twitter anniversary, and when you reach a next milestone for followers and tweets

Checking new followers is always easy, but checking who un-followed you is a lot harder. We have created a simple but effective tool to check who followed and unfollowed you.
You can check here if you are listed in any of our charts, or you can qualify your account to make sure you are listed in all charts you qualify for. if you are not listed yet, this is the place to go to, in order to fix this.
The most followed users November -0001
# Ava User Total
64 AshleyTisdaleFrench
13 Cristiano Ronaldo
9 Justin Timberlake
8 Rihanna
10 Instagram

The most new followers this month
# Ava User New
81 Ivete Sangalo
174 Roberto G. BolaƱos
397 Twitter Sports
790 Alia Bhatt
45 Emma Watson

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