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Unfortunately, after 5 years of providing you with Twitter data, we were now informed by Twitter that Twopcharts is suspended from interacting with the Twitter API for violating the Twitter Terms of Service. At this moment we do not know if and when this situation will be remedied, but for the moment we cannot provide you with data and analytics from Twitter.

We are very sorry about this situation and the inconvenience it is causing. We hope the situation can be resolved soon.

If you are interested in data about Twitter, please ckick the link below.

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The most followed users
# Ava User Followers
1 katyperry 54,888,674
2 justinbieber 53,219,028
3 BarackObama 44,491,948
4 YouTube 43,948,985
5 taylorswift13 42,206,722

The newest Twitter accounts
# Ava User Created
19993 TheFootyVines 2014-06-11
25983 selecaoportugal 2014-06-06
36146 _9bit 2014-05-23
4408 HiddenCash 2014-05-23

The most new followers this month
# Ava User New
327 jamesdrodriguez 1,708,387
51 neymarjr 1,520,941
305 DavidLuiz_4 1,247,549
13 Cristiano 1,114,982
126 MesutOzil1088 969,157

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