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Love not Hate, @irishlck58
Texas, USA
Live - Love - Laugh and #Resist! #TheResistance will win! RT's are well- retweets. Personal account. #LoveWon married my best friend, after 22 years!
On Twitter since 25 May 2011 (2,310 days)
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Twopscore: 8.53 (Click for details)

Real followers: 1,085 (88.46%)

The average follower twopscore is 7.58

Standard "egg" profile picture151.21%
Never tweeted50.43%
1-10 tweets total262.08%
11-100 tweets total473.82%
More than 100 tweets total1,14893.67%
Tweeted last 30 days1,02983.95%

We checked all 1,226 followers.

1.04% scored less than 2 points and is most likely fake or spam.
5.03% scored less than 4 points and is most likely fake, inactive or not engaged.
83.95% scored at least 6 points and these are mostly active, engaged Twitter users.

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