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You can respond to polls created by other Twitter users. You also have the possibility to ask questions or get the opinions of other Twitter users (and all other people using the internet), by quickly and easily creating your own poll.

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# Ava User Poll question / statementVotes
1joemanhasDo you feel the Vancouver Real Estate Market will Bounce Back0
2davidleiteWhat are you making for holiday dinner?1
3expodatoConoce Expodatocomve?1
4ASuitTFChrisMcGDo you prefer a Tweed Suit? Or just Tweed Jacket?1
5daniweb90Deutscher Meister wird2
6JohnLundRadioWho needs to make a trade more? 1
8rafoell_16Boyband mana yang lagi nge hitz?2
9Jacobde13eWil Je Weer Stemmen op de Nieuwe Twitter_Classic ? Dat Kn --- 1
10Jacobde13eVan Welke Muziek hou Jij ?2
11CoachMTRWhat is the best way to use Twitter to raise money for non-profits2
12Otaku2012Do you watch Anime?3
13cupmarAre Temporary store useful?0
14myscrapboxWhen or how do you think Assad regime will end?1
15lecairnLes cartes de voeux pour vous cest 7
16ComunidadOLACon los precios actuales Piensas comprar el iPhone 4S?0
17OncEdChoose your preferred format for daily conference updates1
18The_DevoteaThis photo httppbcktcompaUR9kgC of my favourite tea shows11
19nl_twop_1000Will Mark Cavendish arrive in time today?111
203Museums1CardWhat would you say is the most important benefit to being a member?18
21leadershipstyleHow well do you drive?8
22dogsandcatsIts an emergency and you have to evacuate your home and you have pets41
23crielieWho is the man of the match Hungary-Holland9
24gl_twop_1000Do you like this feature where you can create and respond to polls?22
25fjkipDo you think Justin Bieber is gay?12

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