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Anne-Elisabeth Moutet
Paris ن
Telegraph, 28Minutes ARTE, CapX, BBC, Les Informés France-Info; adopted by two cats, one wheeled suitcase, and a tall dark stranger. Blocked by @georgegalloway.
Last tweet: 10 hours ago
Amb. Albert SHINGIRO
United States
Ambassador, Permanent Representative of Burundi🇧🇮 to the United Nations, NY 👉 RTs do not equal endorsements👉 Anonymous followers will be blocked
Last tweet: 37 minutes ago
patrogay (i got blocked aGAIN)
@W00W0NJAE saved : if i get locked out of my account please follow me here!!
Last tweet: 4 days ago
n.o. if I blocked u
What the hell are jams? Can we eat it?
Last tweet: Protected account
Blocked by Eoin
England, United Kingdom
Are you blocked by Eoin? Well give us a follow and let's see how many people Eoin has blocked! #gottaloveEoin follow @gallowayblocked and follow @EoinElects
Last tweet: 137 days ago
Dr Blocked By A Parrot
Melbourne, Australia
Scientist, Feminist. Got it? Respect animals. #CloseTheCamps 🇦🇺 #FreePalestine 🇵🇸
Last tweet: 1 hours ago
Patricia 🐓🍷
West Coast
Gadfly tweeting about corruption & alt-wrong bigots. RWNJs are blocked. Blocked by Captain Kirk and Chachi. Tweets are my own, RT not necessarily endorsements
Last tweet: 2 hours ago
Richard Kapend
Criminologist & Social Stats. Interests incl Population, Crime & Criminal Justice Dynamics in Post-Conflict countries i.e. D R Congo. BLOCKED by Paul Kagame
Last tweet: 5 hours ago
Brit Hume
Washington, D.C.
Sr. Political Analyst, Fox News Channel. Arguments welcome. Name callers & verbal abusers blocked.
Last tweet: 2 hours ago
Jamie Dupree
Washington, D.C.
I cover Congress & DC for WSB Atlanta, WDBO Orlando, WOKV Jacksonville, WHIO Dayton, KRMG Tulsa. Foul language gets you blocked/muted. No 280 character tweets
Last tweet: 39 minutes ago
United States
Blocked by @realDonaldTrump. Since 2006, 600K veterans, military families, & supporters have been electing Veterans to office & fighting for progressive values.
Last tweet: 2 hours ago
Blocked Party
A podcast about rejection and social media from Stefan Heck (@boring_as_heck) and John Cullen (@cullenthecomic). Every Monday, plus two bonus episodes a month.
Last tweet: 1 hours ago
Anushka Sharma
illegitimi non carborundum . Anyone spreading hatred will be blocked .
Last tweet: 3 days ago
Lysje 8K (+18)
Paris, France
🔞Amatrice 100% naturelle. Membre de ✨ #NGOT. Dick pics = blocked. Wishlist : https://t.co/BHICdKkAhk et https://t.co/8qAio84uqV…
Last tweet: 19 days ago
L'ivresse de la peau
No Lists ⛔️ You will be blocked !
Last tweet: 2 days ago
bob clendenin
I’m an acquired taste. Q = blocked, ❌ = blocked.
Last tweet: 41 minutes ago
Palmer Report
Los Angeles, CA
Palmer Report: timely, accurate, honest political analysis. Followed by President Obama. Blocked by Donald Trump Junior. Do the math.
Last tweet: 6 minutes ago
How To Get Blocked
United States
The steps on how to get blocked by celebrities.
Last tweet: 369 days ago
Every Blocked Bike Lane Report SF
San Francisco, CA
Unofficial bot. I tweet every blocked bike lane report with a photo from @SF311. Download SF311 (https://t.co/yZGKtpX4Sp), report issues, & see them here! DMs are open
Last tweet: 19 seconds ago
Rachael Swindon #GTTO
Persistent | Blocked by 87 Tory MPs & Right Said Fred | Growing interest in politics | Bad driver | Mum | Cake | I blog a bit
Last tweet: 38 minutes ago
E-mail: info@twopcharts.com
Twitter: @twopchartsisok