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Kevin Hearne
Author of the Iron Druid Chronicles and the Seven Kennings trilogy, co-author of the Tales of Pell. Likes tacos & despises fascism.
Last tweet: 79 days ago
Julian Schiller
@ABCAdelaide Drive and @abcgrandstand presenter, likes to dabble on the @thebleague . All enquires - julesschiller@hotmail.com
Last tweet: 13 hours ago
Andrew Ramadge
Media and comms manager, Melbourne Business School (@MelbBSchool). Likes pop music and cats. Former Fairfax and News Corp journo.
Last tweet: 9 days ago
Stuart Randall
Like Sport. So much so it’s become my job for 20 years. Ex Hayters, ITV, Sky and SBS. Senior Editor at ESPN. Likes/retweets not an endorsement.
Last tweet: 9 hours ago
Michael Bleby
Journo, @FinancialReview. Property, construction, architecture, design, infrastructure. Dad. Likes emerging markets. mbleby@afr.com.au
Last tweet: 24 hours ago
Tama Leaver
Perth, Western Australia
I research & teach @NetStudies @CurtinUni. #socialmedia #instagrammatics #infancyonline #digitaldeath #endsofidentity Views mine; Likes/RT≠endorsement.
Last tweet: 7 hours ago
Steve Johnson
Sydney, Australia
Founder and CIO at Forager Funds Management. Likes assets plays, cigar butts and anything else cheap.
Last tweet: 15 hours ago
Myles Eftos
Melbourne based web and mobile developer. Dabbling with Arduino and 3D printing. Likes beer and BBQ. CTO at Raisebook
Last tweet: 4 days ago
Colin Ellis
Melbourne, Australia
Best Selling Author | Keynote Speaker | Trainer | Devoted Dad | Avid Evertonian | Whisky Lover | Likes to laugh, a lot
Last tweet: 11 hours ago
Flow Graphics
Brisbane, AU
Just a guy who likes to make pictures https://t.co/gdzl062ds8
Last tweet: 23 days ago
Stuart Sterling
Melbourne, Australia
Marketing Realist | Brand and Business Strategist | Likes creativity, loud music and Marketing campaigns that don't suck.
Last tweet: 8 hours ago
Nik Shred
♩ ♬ ♥ -Sydney AU ♥ ✈
Electronic Music Producer. likes EDM, Techno, House. Music on iTunes, New 2018 Album out now. https://t.co/0yTLwEkGup
Last tweet: 15 minutes ago
Likes #0
Magacine diario de actualidad y redes sociales, presentado por @raqsanchezsilva en #0. De lunes a jueves a las 15:00h Producido por @7yaccion para @MovistarPlus
Last tweet: 318 days ago
jake likes onions
internet comic man specializing in baggy eyes & human viscera
Last tweet: 2 days ago
Grey Likes Weddings
Orange County
Stylist. Curator. Blogger. Color lover.
Last tweet: 445 days ago
Yung Likes
Marketing/PR. Writing. Higher Ed. @HSE_III
Last tweet: 4 hours ago
Pmarca's Likes
We really miss @pmarca and his curated retweets. While he takes a twitter break, I'll retweet everything he favorites. (built by @baskind)
Last tweet: 4 minutes ago
Livin' in a Van, Down by the River...
Most Beloved Lead Editor for @LootCrate | Featured Streamer for @TheEverybuddies | Tweets are just opinions. Period. | Queer, Taken & Busy AF | Email on Request
Last tweet: 16 hours ago
Be Like Bro
Turn on notification and earn money
Last tweet: 13 hours ago
del likes cats
hi hello i'm a concept artist✨ any pronouns! ✨@RainWorldGame✨ cats✨ splatoon ✨https://t.co/uQySIfpr81 💌 deldrawsthings@gmail
Last tweet: 1 hours ago
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