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theamateur88Bristol, United Kingdom2012-05-20
@timfish88836 days
graphic designer and amateur writer
Nicola b @Mummymeof4
@timfish88 PLEASE RT #AshyaKing petition going to 10 Downing Street tomorrow pls sign…
1d in reply to timfish88Retweeted by timfish88               
theamateur88 @timfish88
Thoughts are with #AshyaKing family, what's happening to that poor family is atrocious! #FightForAshya
ITV2 @itv2
"Oh Captain, My Captain"

Saying a sad goodbye to #RobinWilliams from everyone at the ITV2 office. #RIP
21d Retweeted by timfish88               
theamateur88 @timfish88
Getting used to using Twitter on my iMac, any ideas how i can incorporate it to help with my work flow? #imac #twitter #graphicdesign
theamateur88 @timfish88
#teamUSA unlucky, put up an amazing fight!
SPORT Humour @SportHumour
The Undertaker had never lost at Wrestlemania when Sir Alex Ferguson was in charge. In comes David Moyes and Undertaker loses. #BlameMoyes
148d Retweeted by timfish88               
theamateur88 @timfish88
Why is Rooney taking free kicks when you got Stevie G there? #EnglandvDenmark
Ricky Gervais @rickygervais
RT if you think that Hitler was like, really awful.
188d Retweeted by timfish88               
theamateur88 @timfish88
Watching The Social Network and tweeting about it on Twitter #irony
theamateur88 @timfish88
@WWEDanielBryan the WWE IS Daniel Bryan, you entertain, you're one of the best wrestlers there is, and the world loves you.
218d in reply to WWEDanielBryan               
theamateur88 @timfish88
That was one of the worst ppv's I've ever seen! #RoyalRumble #fail
theamateur88 @timfish88
Standard night, watching some doped up dolphins #spyinthepod
theamateur88 @timfish88
Sign Up For a Free Bitcoin Wallet @ #tweet4btc #bitcoin #1PTHVf3x8AcAkEieDiabpoeUzdpnoXMgxS
theamateur88 @timfish88
very happy Luis Suarez signed a new contract today! #ynwa #playeroftheyear
theamateur88 @timfish88
Who's got 2 thumbs and is a very happy Liverpool supporter? This Guy!!! #LFC
theamateur88 @timfish88
#propaganda #nirvanaaneurysum
theamateur88 @timfish88
Get in! I just guided Blackbird FC to 2nd place in Non-League B
theamateur88 @timfish88
I'm playing Football Chairman and I'm trying to get Blackbird FC to the top!
theamateur88 @timfish88
@chrisdjmoyles gutted that I couldn't see you tonight, blow the roof off the academy.. Unless the weather beats you too it..
649d in reply to ChrisMoyles               
theamateur88 @timfish88
@rickygervais how does it feel knowing you've surpassed Jesus with the amount of followers you have?
655d in reply to rickygervais               
theamateur88 @timfish88
@CMPunk you were in my hometown of Bristol? Did you go on a banksy hunt?
662d in reply to CMPunk               
theamateur88 @timfish88
@shahanshahan I've wanted to see them for ages but I'm always away whenever they're in Bristol. I dabble in twitter now and again yes
669d in reply to shahanshahan               
theamateur88 @timfish88
@shahanshahan Alt-J are a brilliant up and coming band, dead pleased for them!
669d in reply to shahanshahan               
theamateur88 @timfish88
@DerrenBrown #Apocalypse - Sublimely done my good sir!
676d in reply to DerrenBrown               
theamateur88 @timfish88
@rickygervais Ricky need your help, who would win in a boxing match between Jesus and Gandhi?
684d in reply to rickygervais               
theamateur88 @timfish88
theamateur88 @timfish88
Once in a while when I can be bothered I make a tweet - this is it.
theamateur88 @timfish88
@rickygervais God created man because man created God
804d in reply to rickygervais               
theamateur88 @timfish88
Women are an equation that I can't quite get my head around
theamateur88 @timfish88
@Fearnecotton Manic Peach Eaters!
831d in reply to Fearnecotton               
theamateur88 @timfish88
This is my first 'tweet' - oh dear I've conformed to the communication trend
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