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designitgreener.comKeene, NH2009-06-17
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Designitgreener is an all-inclusive sustainable design resource for the graphic, packaging, industrial, interior and architectural design industries.
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Worlds First Solar Powered Ski Lift!
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A fruit sticker that dissolves into organic soap? Brilliant!
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Thank you @EcoInnovators and glad you enjoyed our site!
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SC Johnson Concentrates could help save millions of pounds of plastic each year!
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The Plantagon: A New Type of Greenhouse for Vertical Farming
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@SchickXtreme3 Debuts Eco-Friendly Razor Designed to Keep Plastic Out of Landfills
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Looking for eco-friendly ink? Check out @kornitdigital's GOTSV3 approved CMYK and White water-based ink!
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Check out how these Vermont entrepreneurs @handinhandsoap are doing their part for the environment.
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GTREE™ from G3 Enterprises Has One Of The Greenest Environmental Profiles Of Any Label Available!
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@nest provides a new solution to save money and energy in your home with the Nest Learning Thermostat.
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Need inspiration? Check out the latest additions to the Gallery of Green Design featuring @NASA and @GROOPTI
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The Continuum: a boutique sustainable textiles tradeshow @TheKingpinsShow
821d       @designitgreener
Check out how Ecolean has established a clever and stylish solution to lightweight packaging!
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@methodtweet Method Unveils Breakthrough Bottle Made of Ocean Plastic
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@LEVIS Water‹Less collection reduces the water consumption by an average of 28% and up to 96% for some new products
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@greenblueorg New Packaging Recovery Label System to Debut on Packages Nationwide in 2012
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@FedEx Express Hosts Largest “Green Roof” at Any U.S. Airport
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@CocaCola and @World_Wildlife are joining forces in a bold new campaign to help protect the polar bear’s #Arctic Home
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Least #Green Companies List Topped By Energy, Agriculture And Investment Firms
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Affordable, green solar phone charger by @nokero made for those without access to electricity!
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"#Sustainability is an artificial concept if you don't have a functional community to implement" - Unknown #GreenDesign #environment
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Thanks for the mention! @MarkJohnsonFAIA
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Watch the video of 100% Recycled Legacy Label paper featured on Brewbound #GreenProducts #Recycled
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New 100% Recycled Label Paper Helps Craft Breweries Get Greener #GreenDesign #GreenProducts
Vapur @Vapur
Last Chance to Win a @Vapur Artist Series Collectors Box! -
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We love these @Vapur Anti-Bottles! Check out the limited edition "Artist Series" designs
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Tell us what you're doing to green your 4th of July celebration!
The Dieline @TheDieline
"Ideas are easy. Strategy is much harder." - @debbiemillman #DLConf #HOWlive
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Show creations with @dwell and @methodtweet for upcycling, recycling, rethinking and deconstructing empty method bottles
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New report on carcinogens cements the consensus view on key building material ingredients #GreenBuilding
William Roth @williamroth
RT @gary_hustwit: Cmon @twitter the design wrld is waiting for response. Bring back the Design catgry in Who To Follow. #BringBackDesign RT!
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Thank you for the mention @BeckReit
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Happy #FF! @CurtisPkging @CleanerUSA @SAGEINDESIGN @Greenguard @Greenbuild @TheGreenDream
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Sneak peek of interviews from #LuxePack, New York with @CurtisPkging @MonadnockPaper, Henkel Corp and CARTONDRUCK!
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Here at #LuxePack finding some great #green #packaging solutions!
1064d       @designitgreener
Packing it up and heading down to explore the latest in #packaging at #LuxePack, New York!
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Very disturbing... The mystery of the massive population decline in #bees has been solved #cellphone
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@MonadnockPaper Looking forward to seeing you there!
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We'll be at #LuxePack, New York May 18-19 looking for the best innovations in #green #packaging! Look for live updates!
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Happy #FF! @RecycledPrinter @LPforDesign @methodtweet @SurfaceiQ @LenTexCorp @MonadnockPaper @CSRwire @grist @TaigaCompany
method @methodtweet
{business} cleaning up with style and (toxic-free) substance. thinking big, via @TIME
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"A unique attribute to #design as a development strategy is only not to create desirability, but the attempt to..."
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@BeckReit Great... looking forward to learning about it!
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Thanks for the mention @BeckReit! If you have any projects that would be appropriate for DiG, feel free to submit them for our consideration
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Take a minute to enjoy the trees today... Happy #ArborDay!
1084d       @designitgreener
Expand your #green vocabulary #GreenDesign #GreenGlossary
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Paper Replaces PVC For Gift Cards @MonadnockPaper #GreenDesign
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"Quality is always #sustainable" - Thomas Sandell (designer and architect)
#GreenDesign #Architecture #Quotes
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Happy #EarthDay! What are you doing to celebrate?
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Hey green designers... The 5R Hero Design Awards wants YOU! #GreenTech #GreenDesign #GreenProducts
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Check out these amazing photos of the Earth by @NASA to celebrate #EarthDay 2011
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#Sustainability is meeting the needs of today without compromising the ability of future generations to fulfill theirs - C. Vaenerberg
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@sitesExhibits Sounds great! Good luck :)
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What is your #EarthDay resolution? Tell us on facebook!
#Sustainability #Conservation #fb
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Happy #EcoMonday! @CSRwire @CradletoCradle @Earth911 @environmentnews @myEARTH360 @SustainBrands @MyGreenPalette @EPAnews
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"Sustainable design is the responsible use of resources - the pleasure of simplicity and walking lightly on the land" - Tim Power #EarthDay
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#UMaine finds an ingenious way to upcycle #lobster shell waste! @UMaineNews #biodegradable #GreenDesign
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U.S. Postal Service Encourages America to Go Green #GreenDesign #Stamps #Conservation
Ecologic Brands @ecologicbrands
Win one year of Seventh Generation 4X detergent:
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"Nature holds millions of years of collected #design knowledge, it would be stupid to ignore it and suicidal to kill it" - Anders Breitholtz
CEH Design @cehdesign
Interesting --> Will Print Survive the Green Revolution? via @designitgreener
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method @methodtweet
{blog} clementine goes all-purpose. check out the new scent + the whole powergreen line in stores and online now.
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IIDA Headquarters @IIDA_HQ
Interior Designers, are you looking for more exposure? -> Design Feature Contest: We’re Featuring YOU! #interiordesign
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#Sustainable solutions are opportunities to embrace local craftsmanship and new technology with an emotional approach.” - Thomas Lykke
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6 years in the making, U.S. Green Building Council announces LEED for Healthcare #LEED #LEEDforHealthcare #GreenBuilding
1105d       @designitgreener
Sustainabilty Demands Leadership, Not Posturing… @Timberland
1105d       @designitgreener
#FF @dwell @AIGAdesign @IIDA_HQ @PlanetGreen @EPAgreenbldg @EPAnews @ecomagination @LPforDesign
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"Sustainability will be one of the greatest branding tools of the future" - Jonas Bylund #GreenDesign #Quotes #Sustainability #Branding
CSRwire @CSRwire
Go #Green Expo 2011, 04.15.11 –…
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"Sustainable design will spur unimagined creativity and be the second Industrial revolution" - Christina Cheng #GreenDesign #Sustainable
JS Dust @Justsomedust
Sustainable Design Improving Life for Japan Quake Survivors… #japanrelief
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"Sustainable design has past, present, and future; the rest of design is a figment of our desire for imagination" - Brent Richards
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@adidas_Group Commits to 100% Better Cotton by 2018 @adidasUS #Sustainability #EnvironmentalStrategy
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“Every design ought to be sustainable design, meaning something people refuse to trash” - Satyendra Pakhale #GreenDesign #SustainableDesign
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Use promo code "dig" for 10% off shadow mug coasters
and check out their other green products @thesmallgreenco
1115d       @designitgreener
Creative shadow mug coasters by @thesmallgreenco protect your desk with flair! #GreenDesign #GreenProducts
1115d       @designitgreener
Green design begins in the concept phase. Learn what you can do #GreenDesign #GraphicDesign #Sustainability
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Saturday March 26th at 8:30pm is Earth Hour. Will you turn out your lights? #EarthHour
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Recycled rubber roofing... 600 to 1000 tires recycled for an average-sized home! #GreenBuilding #Recycled #Euroshield
1120d       @designitgreener
The Gap’s Greener Price Tickets Now Look The Part With Ecokraft
1121d       @designitgreener
The Flexible Kitchen for Supreme Space Utilization #InteriorDesign #Bazzeo #GAIATECH #GreenBuilding
Ecologic Brands @ecologicbrands
Organic Authority awards Seventh Generation "Best Product" at #ExpoWest. Thank you!
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Upcycling in the Laundry Aisle @SeventhGen @ecologicbrands #GreenCleaning #recycledpaper #SeventhGeneration
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The World’s First Compact Semi-Submarine is Powered by Electricity @EGOboat #EGO #RAONHAJE #ElectricMotor
1127d       @designitgreener
Carbon negative cement? Find out how Novacem is doing it #CarbonNegative #GreenBuilding #cement
1143d       @designitgreener
Natural, dye-less wool carpeting: Bio-Floor by Earth Weave Carpet
1148d       @designitgreener
#Heinz partners with @CocaCola and their #Plantbottle technology
1149d       @designitgreener
@thetoyzone These are amazing #architectural wonders! It's a shame you don't see that quality in today's structures.
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Monadnock Paper @MonadnockPaper
Have you seen our "Respect Nature" promo? Well be sure to get the next in series.. "Respect Design" #design #paper
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Monadnock Offers Plastic-Replacement Papers
1162d       @designitgreener
A Major Breakthrough in Vinyl Wallcovering: Len-Tex Clean Vinyl Technology
Monadnock Paper @MonadnockPaper
Our Masters of Design series is now online! Joe Duffy, Lee Clow, Rich Silverstein and Alex Bogusky
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#LCI Paper talks about one of our favorites – Monadnock Astrolite PC 100.
1 @designitgreener
The Kaktus: A 100% recycled aluminum stool inspired by nature, designed by Studio Artecnica
1168d       @designitgreener
"Green Living in San Francisco
1177d       @designitgreener
Check out LED CELL carpeting by LAMA Concept
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Green lamp #design that is inspired by the fresh growth of plants: The #Sprig Lamp
1179d       @designitgreener
#Pratt Institute demonstrates its #environmental commitment with its #LEED-Gold certified #Myrtle Hall
1183d       @designitgreener
#Replenish Bottles Sustainability
1 @designitgreener
Stunning #LEEDPlatinum certified residence: The RainShine House
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