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VisitMidtown.comAtlanta Georgia2009-02-18
@MidtownDining1,885 days
Atlanta's best locally owned restaurants! Joe (JoJo) Somerville is a locally owned restaurant advocate - don't get caught in a tourist trap!
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1 @MidtownDining
Anyone have any fave Midtown restaurants?
1031d       @MidtownDining
RT @daisybuckner RT @AtlantaDiningGA rt Make your reservations now - Best Brunch in Buckhead
1094d       @MidtownDining
rt please $2 pints of Terrapin Moo Hoo at D.B.A. Barbecue.
1134d       @MidtownDining
now that coco loco has lost its lease -- what CUBAN options are left-- tell me yours - joe somerville
1140d       @MidtownDining
CoCo Loco lost its lease --- maybe ?? just maybe -- they will relocate -
1141d       @MidtownDining
Come on by --
1152d       @MidtownDining
Lunch specials less than $10 - tell Julio hi!
1154d       @MidtownDining
Gather up a crowd - lunch specials $10ish - Sidndey
Marcus and Piedmont -
1155d       @MidtownDining
Mojito time my friends --
1157d       @MidtownDining
rt please CoCo Loco specials - we have tables -
2 @MidtownDining
CoCo Loco Valentine's Day today tomorrow specials -
1159d       @MidtownDining
great specials at CoCo Loco - Sidney Marcus & Piedmont - Mojito central -
1160d       @MidtownDining
CoCo Loco piano bar tonight -- Sidney Marcus and Piedmont
1161d       @MidtownDining
best steak in buckhead --- coco loco
1168d       @MidtownDining
RT @flavorsatl @CoCoLocoAtl RT @flavorsatl Cuban Art Sale at Coco Loco
1172d       @MidtownDining
Please check out the art sale at CoCo Loco Piemont @ Sidney Marcus -
1174d       @MidtownDining
Tell Julio you want a free Mojito --- tell him to put it on Joe's tab -
1175d       @MidtownDining
CoCo Loco Cuban art
1 @MidtownDining
Tell julio you want something free for following him on Twitter -- you never know -
1178d       @MidtownDining
Julio says "thank you Atlanta for all the great business this weekend -- keep coming" http;//
1185d       @MidtownDining
Check out the new Tapas Dishes at Coco Loco - Sydney Marcus - Piemont -
1189d       @MidtownDining
CoCo Loco open! Lunch Dinner -- Drinks? We are here
Sidney Marcus - Piemont
1190d       @MidtownDining
rt please Julio's says Come on In!! CoCo Loco Atlanta --- OPEN - Sidney Marcus & Piedmont -
1 @MidtownDining
we'd love to see you for lunch -
1198d       @MidtownDining
@willrusso yea -- i did it many times --
1203d in reply to willrusso       @MidtownDining
Lunch Specials -- mojito's for you too -- CoCo Loco --
1203d       @MidtownDining
Get 5% Off on Your Entire Bill. Good until Dec 31, 2010. Mention Code: TW5. Best Cuban Restaurant in Buckhead. Live Latin and Jazz Music
1208d       @MidtownDining
Enjoy our lunch special - http;//
1 @MidtownDining
I think the kids would like a Menchie's Frozen Yogurt in their stocking -
1215d       @MidtownDining
Juio says -- make us your Sunday lunch place -- art on the wall - great Caribbean Cuban food --
1215d       @MidtownDining
Mojito time --- Julio special - big hug for everyone!!
1217d       @MidtownDining
rt please New years eve CoCo Loco live music -----
1217d       @MidtownDining
Julio has the Mojito's Ready ---- tell him you want the lonnnnnngggg pour -
1218d       @MidtownDining
We can do that company party - no problem -
1220d       @MidtownDining
the coconut shrimp is very popular -
1 @MidtownDining
Heading over for some great Scallops and Shrimp --
1223d       @MidtownDining
Tapas before tapas were cool -
1227d       @MidtownDining
CoCo Loco has the best Mojitos in Atlanta -
1230d       @MidtownDining
So The Buckhead Bottle Bar is the new Hot Spot - ? their web site is freezing up on me -
1230d       @MidtownDining
Best Tapas in Atlanta -- affordable -
1230d       @MidtownDining
Julio --- come see me -- Mojito --- let me know - I will take care of you - -
1231d       @MidtownDining
CoCo Loco can be hard to place in your mind Sidney Marcus Piemont on the Sidney side best food for the money in Bhead
1231d       @MidtownDining
I love the Grouper at CoCo Loco -- Caper butter sauce with steamed veggies -
1231d       @MidtownDining
Say hello to Julio when you come in practice your spanish too -- CoCo Loco - seafood - beef - pork more
1232d       @MidtownDining
Say hello to Julio -- lunch specials under $10 ---
1233d       @MidtownDining
Why not add some spice to your company event CoCo Loco
1233d       @MidtownDining
Julio Loves you Atlanta --25 years in Atlanta -serving Tapas back when folks thought that was a dance club!
1235d       @MidtownDining
CoCo Loco - tonight Julio Special Buy 1 Entree Get the Next 1 Free show tweet
1247d       @MidtownDining
Good time;) RT @ktmel: Frozen yogurt w kimberly marisa & 3 little guys... They love the sugar! @MenchiesAtlGa
1251d       @MidtownDining
say hello to julio
1252d       @MidtownDining
Coco Loco - Julio and Anna Guzman thank all the folks who helped us celebrate CoCo Loco's b day last Saturday night - Much fun was had! -
1255d       @MidtownDining
Big BIg Birthday Party tonight at CoCo Loco no cover -you are invited - music starts about 8:30 ish -
1 @MidtownDining
$2 Beer -- tapas you can afford --
1259d       @MidtownDining
Meet me at CoCo Loco --- lunch -
1259d       @MidtownDining
CoCo Loco Atlanta - Julio and Joe in Video --
1261d       @MidtownDining
Julio does the best #roastedpig -- at you house! run about $10 pp --
1 @MidtownDining
@multitasking i think they put a little sugar in the batter -
1261d in reply to multitasking       @MidtownDining
"Emmm I love this place! Like others said, this is the best Cuban food outside of Miami.
1261d       @MidtownDining
#latin - Atlanta - Saturday night - 8:30 ish - live music birthday celebration at CoCo Loco
1261d       @MidtownDining
Vote and then come buy here for a cocktail -
1262d       @MidtownDining
$2 BEER -- Ok - Fl Ga who going to win -- CoCo loco has TV -
1265d       @MidtownDining
CoCo Loco is well known for its black beans and rice -- i realy think the best dish is the Havana Grouper - not hot - caper sauce nice
1 @MidtownDining
$2 beer -- Ga FL on TV -- CoCo Loco - Conch too! Sidney Marcus and Piedmont
1265d       @MidtownDining
Julio is in a good mood -- tell him to pour that mojito like real Cuban! lol -
1266d       @MidtownDining
$2 BEER $2 BEER - great Cuban Caribbean food - casual - nice art on the walls -- cushioned seats!!
1270d       @MidtownDining
retweet please! #Atlanta #beer $2 beer all day CoCo Loco -- just ask!
1271d       @MidtownDining
rt please Guitar Player & $2 Beer at @cocolocoatl Coco Loco Sidney Marcus and Lindberg -
1272d       @MidtownDining
$2 Beer all day at CoCo Loco -just show tweet - live music at 8:30 tongiht -- open all day = Sidney Marcus
1272d       @MidtownDining
#atlanta #buckhead #tasteofatlant #beer $2 CoCo Loco Julio special all day -- 4 tapas daily new stuff
1272d       @MidtownDining
Guitar Player tonight at CoCo Loco 8:30 no cover -- come for dinner stay for the fun --
1272d       @MidtownDining
#buckhead - tomorrow night - CoCo Loco live music at 8 pm -- come early - stay late - mojitos out the ying yang!
1273d       @MidtownDining
"Great service, great sandwiches! There's always a crew of old cuban men hanging around the front, which is kinda cute..." – trip advisor
1274d       @MidtownDining
Good morning -- got to love Cuban coffee -- come see us on Sidney Marcus @ Piedmont Rd.
1276d       @MidtownDining
@DexterPorter Lunch runs about $11 including drink -
1276d in reply to DexterPorter       @MidtownDining
#brunch - #coupon 50% off entire meal Coco Loco Piedmont & Sidney Marcus -until 3 pm today only!
1278d       @MidtownDining
rt please #buckhead Julio would love to see you today - Show tweet for Buy 1 Entree get on free live music tonight
1279d       @MidtownDining
rt please #coupon --- Coco Loco 50% off entire meal - lunch today -- bring a crowd show tweet -
2 @MidtownDining
rt please #atlanta #coupon - 25% off entire check CoCo Loco - Lunch - today only -
1281d       @MidtownDining
CoCo Loco also does Pig Roasts -- oh yes -- call Julio - 404-364-0212
1 @MidtownDining
Homemade Sangria -- Tapas before tapas was cool -- -
1282d       @MidtownDining
Text ATLANTADINING to 41411 for Free Conch Appetizer with 2 entree purchase Show message!
1286d       @MidtownDining
Live music tonight at CoCo Loco -- lunch is being served now --
1 @MidtownDining
Free Lunch #buckhead #atl #Free Conch - text atleat to 41411 - you'll get a text with the coupon CoCo Loco
1 @MidtownDining
rt please #ATL Free Conch Fritter Appetizer CoCo Loco with any 2 Entrees! Show your tweet
1289d       @MidtownDining
Sunday - Free Conch Fritter Appitizer with any two entrees - just show tweet-
1292d       @MidtownDining
rt please #ATL Free Conch Fritter Appetizer CoCo Loco with any 2 Entrees! Show your tweet -
1293d       @MidtownDining
Do you eat Conch? yes it's legal in Ga- Free Conch Fritter App with purchase of any two lunch or dinner entrees
2 @MidtownDining
25% off your entire meal at CoCo Loco Atlanta -today lunch or dinner -- bring a crowd - dine in only -
1296d       @MidtownDining
CoCo Loco 25% off Lunch Dinner entire meal no gimmicks - Sidney Marcus and Piedmont -
1 @MidtownDining
rt please! CoCo Loco 25% off entire check Lunch 12-2 and Dinner 5-7 CoCo Loco - Show tweet -
1298d       @MidtownDining
tell me how you enjoy your CoCo Loco deal today - and I'll send you a $25 Dining Perks for the feedback - --
1299d       @MidtownDining
rt please #tweetup #atlanta Just show your tweet at CoCo Loco 50% off food drinks entire check 12-2 5-7pm today only!
1299d       @MidtownDining
Free Food Atlanta - 50% off enitre meal today only - CoCo Loco Cuban and Caribbean on Sidney Marcus Buckhead
1 @MidtownDining
#coupon #groupon #atlanta 50% off CoCo Loco entire check! Today only - 12-2 for lunch 5-7 for dinner - bring a crowd - Julio Special
1299d       @MidtownDining
#atlanta Buy One Get One Free entree get next one of equal value free - CoCo Loco -- show tweet --
1 @MidtownDining
Home made Sangria by Julio himself - CoCo Loco Lunch or Dinner -- come on by - say hello -
1300d       @MidtownDining
thanks to all the folks that come by Saturday night! ---
1305d       @MidtownDining
Mojito time for me!
1307d       @MidtownDining
Live Latin Music #atlanta - no cover CoCo Loco 8pm tonight -!!!!
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