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@drgrokku1,589 days

Grokku @drgrokku
I just entered to win a new PS4/Xbox One courtesy of @destinydatabase!
Grokku @drgrokku
@Celestalon You probably get a lot of hate about the prunning, I just wanted to say: Thank you. It feels so much better now. Much love.
3d in reply to Celestalon               
Grokku @drgrokku
@Celestalon @Destinysoftwork The thing that troubles me now is the "KM munching" or whatever. It being a waste on the wrong spell is rough.
6d in reply to Celestalon               
Alan Widmann @hotted89
Giving away a #Warlords Beta key! In order to win all you need to do is Follow and Retweet this :D Good Luck!
17d Retweeted by drgrokku               
Grokku @drgrokku
@holinka I hate fighting fully geared people to get gear. Hopefully, Ashran will fix that. What were you thinking, really...
17d in reply to holinka               
Grokku @drgrokku
@BlizzardCS Maybe it's time to rethink the server structure you guys use? Login issues seem to be getting more frequent each week.
21d in reply to BlizzardCS               
Grokku @drgrokku
@Celestalon What's the expected uptime for MM's mastery? Are they balanced around how much uptime?
26d in reply to Celestalon               
Grokku @drgrokku
I just entered to win an iPad at @Hearthhead in their Curse of Naxxramas giveaway!
Grokku @drgrokku
@holinka can you enable faction tagging on 5.1 honor npcs? Hate camping it and losing the tag because I blinked. Long respawn with tag = bad
75d in reply to holinka               
Grokku @drgrokku
@holinka are you happy with the design of burst of speed in pvp and it's overshadowing of the other talents?
81d in reply to holinka               
Grokku @drgrokku
@holinka @millerwolf1990 I just hope you remember that the one thing unfun about the pvp in tol barad peninsula was aggroing mobs doing pvp.
82d in reply to holinka               
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