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@drgrokku1,627 days

Grokku @drgrokku
@holinka Chimera for 28k, aimed for 18k, did you give up on toning down burst? Also, why no pvp ilevel upscale? Not working in wpvp or arena
7d in reply to holinka               
Grokku @drgrokku
@BlizzardCS Constantly "Transfer aborted: instance not found" on top of constant DCs.
12d in reply to drgrokku               
Grokku @drgrokku
@BlizzardCS Random disconnects on the realm Nemesis-US affecting people in different areas with the same ISP. Are you aware of anything?
12d in reply to BlizzardCS               
Grokku @drgrokku
@BlizzardCS Would love a blog post about what happens during server maintenance and what you guys do. Would be an awesome read.
15d in reply to BlizzardCS               
Grokku @drgrokku
@holinka I have faith in you, but I ran out of space and picking a class based on # of keybinds hurts. Even function keys are in use. =(
18d in reply to drgrokku               
Grokku @drgrokku
@holinka Are windwalker monks really supposed to have 30+ keybinds in warlords? I just counted the skills and the prunning did nothing to us
18d in reply to holinka               
Grokku @drgrokku
@Celestalon I just realized the prunning barely touches the windwalker active skills. I'm a little depressed. Was happy to use less keybinds
18d in reply to Celestalon               
Grokku @drgrokku
@Celestalon Tiger Palm seems like a spell that could get cut to no harm. Is there a reason you are keeping it for Warlords?
18d in reply to Celestalon               
Grokku @drgrokku
@Celestalon You probably get a lot of hate about the prunning, I just wanted to say: Thank you. It feels so much better now. Much love.
42d in reply to Celestalon               
Grokku @drgrokku
@holinka are you happy with the design of burst of speed in pvp and it's overshadowing of the other talents?
119d in reply to holinka               
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