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Dolores Curran2012-04-27
@DoloresCurran911 days

Dolores Curran @DoloresCurran
@KTHopkins fairplay
236d in reply to KTHopkins               
Dolores Curran @DoloresCurran
@KTHopkins exactly..makes me sick
236d in reply to KTHopkins               
Dolores Curran @DoloresCurran
@KTHopkins its a joke
236d in reply to KTHopkins               
Dynamo @Dynamomagician
#DynamoTop10 on @Watch_channel right now! Retweet if you are watching!!!
242d Retweeted by DoloresCurran               
Dolores Curran @DoloresCurran
#bigbenefitsrow go and get a job...well done Katie and Edwina...from a very hard working mother who pays high taxes
Dolores Curran @DoloresCurran
@StephenNolan did ot go off
312d in reply to StephenNolan               
Dan Wootton @danwootton
Call me conservative, but I don't want an 11-year-old to have the stage presence of Rihanna I'm afraid. #bgt
545d Retweeted by DoloresCurran               
Dolores Curran @DoloresCurran
@StephenNolan great show wed nite...
615d in reply to StephenNolan               
Dolores Curran @DoloresCurran
@utv hilltown and the mournes badly effected..:-):-)
644d in reply to utv               
Dolores Curran @DoloresCurran
@GeriatricDr @SkyNews Exactly...was she suspended? pending investigation? of course she would have been disciplined...
680d in reply to GeriatricDr               
Dolores Curran @DoloresCurran
@SkyNews I said that, it was the way she was treated....
680d in reply to SkyNews               
Dolores Curran @DoloresCurran
@StephenNolan These are kids15yrs old on the these
people go to school / work? Avoiding Belfast no shopping there!
683d in reply to StephenNolan               
Dolores Curran @DoloresCurran
@Jane_utv why have there been no arrests?do any of these people go to work?
683d in reply to Jane_utv               
Dolores Curran @DoloresCurran
@SkyNews The "Nurses death" why did she do it? did the hospital suspend her? of course she would have been disciplined.The family will speak
683d in reply to SkyNews               
Dolores Curran @DoloresCurran
@GotTalent...Amanda Looks amazing....she looks like shes going in the ICE....
901d in reply to GotTalent               
Dolores Curran @DoloresCurran
@SimonCowell Great show...the dog was brill...
901d in reply to SimonCowell               
Dolores Curran @DoloresCurran
@LornaByrne My Guardian Angel is always there for me, I have no doubts, all I have to do is ask. Oh and a follow would be wonderfull
909d in reply to LornaByrne               
Dolores Curran @DoloresCurran
@LornaByrne No problem Lorna, after reading ur first book my thoughts are always with u & ur family. Can relate to ur experiences.Godbless x
909d in reply to LornaByrne               
Lorna Byrne @LornaByrne
@DoloresCurran God Bless dorores. Thank you for your kind words. Lorna
910d in reply to DoloresCurranRetweeted by DoloresCurran               
Simon Cowell @SimonCowell
Saw some v distressing pictures of dogs in cages in the news today.They are all going to be killed for food.Seriously, this has got to stop
910d Retweeted by DoloresCurran               
Dolores Curran @DoloresCurran
@LornaByrne Great show tonite Lorna on the late late, read ur 2 books, going to buy "Hope" tomorrow.. would luv a reply...god bless...
910d in reply to LornaByrne               
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