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Mark W. Moore, DVMSpring-Woodlands, TX2010-09-26
@MarkiePoohHead1,489 days
Deeply Broken, Crappy Christian, Totally Forgiven, Craving Comfort and Ease at every turn...
Mark W. Moore, DVM @MarkiePoohHead
Observe NFL National Anthem singers pronouncing the word: "perilous" as if it should be "peri-liss." If you sing it, pronounce it correctly!
Mark W. Moore, DVM @MarkiePoohHead
Wandering: A wilderness experience essential for one who needs rescue. The deeper, the darker, the longer; the more joyous the rescue.
Mark W. Moore, DVM @MarkiePoohHead
Family: The one entity without which we are sad & lonely; with which we experience inconvenience, sacrifice & pain - yet worth fighting for.
Mark W. Moore, DVM @MarkiePoohHead
Amid the evidence of the fallen human condition, remember: this state is temporary. Restoration awaits, guaranteed by the One whom we adore.
Mark W. Moore, DVM @MarkiePoohHead
In this life we are sustained by the reality of God's truth. In the life to come we will be fulfilled by the truth of God's reality.
Mark W. Moore, DVM @MarkiePoohHead
Authentic personal humility: the key to recovering the cultural & societal losses that Evangelicals have incurred over the past few decades.
Mark W. Moore, DVM @MarkiePoohHead
The MLK speech is "I have a dream" NOT "I had a dream." Let's honor the memory by using the correct title.
Mark W. Moore, DVM @MarkiePoohHead
If Christianity is not true, then I have plenty of other things with which to engage myself. If it is true, I must engage nothing else.
Mark W. Moore, DVM @MarkiePoohHead
Just figured out how to use this segment of the social media. Like Thumper, I'm feeling kind of "twitterpated."
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