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Ann Covalt2012-03-15
@AnnCovalt950 days

Ann Covalt @AnnCovalt
@MarijuanaPolicy Backyard search ruled illegal in marijuana bust via @indystar
298d in reply to MarijuanaPolicy               
Ann Covalt @AnnCovalt
@ethannadelmann Backyard search ruled illegal in marijuana bust via @indystar
298d in reply to ethannadelmann               
Ann Covalt @AnnCovalt
Backyard search ruled illegal in marijuana bust via @indystar
Ann Covalt @AnnCovalt
@LeeJRickard Yes and no. Love -- and many friends like you, with fascinating posts -- to you and Ann this season --
323d in reply to LeeJRickard               
Ann Covalt @AnnCovalt
Promising, at least -- 10 Ways To Reduce Prison Overcrowding And Save Taxpayers Millions via @HuffPostPol
Barry Estabrook @Barry_Estabrook
I totally understand if you can't contribute $$$ to @CivilEats Kickstart. But you can help. RT this Tweet--PLEASE
368d Retweeted by AnnCovalt               
Ann Covalt @AnnCovalt
@ezraklein No expert, but would ask: What unpredictable blowback if we bomb Syria? New Al-Awaki(s)? Scahill's "Dirty Wars" noteworthy
416d in reply to ezraklein               
Ann Covalt @AnnCovalt
@michaelpollan Ur rec's for best SUMMARY ref's on environmental costs meat, other foods production? Thanks!
421d in reply to michaelpollan               
Ann Covalt @AnnCovalt
@bittman Ur rec's for best SUMMARY ref's on environ costs meat, other foods production? Thanks!
421d in reply to bittman               
Ann Covalt @AnnCovalt
EL: All the best to you in your recovery! We love your books! @elmoreleonard
Ann Covalt @AnnCovalt
Racially Biased Arrests for Pot
Land of the Free, Home of the Brave ....
Ann Covalt @AnnCovalt
@JustinPKenny Yes of course -- & thanks for the suggestion
506d in reply to JustinPKenny               
Ann Covalt @AnnCovalt
@hisham_melhem @VDHanson Any recommended nonprofits (health, housing, education, or political action) to best help Syrian refugees? THNX
506d in reply to hisham_melhem               
Ann Covalt @AnnCovalt
@pbsgwen @JustinPKenny Any recommended nonprofits (health, housing, education, or political action) to best help Syrian refugees?
506d in reply to gwenifill               
Ann Covalt @AnnCovalt
@DWStweets Yes!--and in that context, Michelle Alexander's "The New Jim Crow" is TOTALLY ESSENTIAL American reading NOW. Thnks for all U do!
506d in reply to DWStweets               
Ann Covalt @AnnCovalt
@fransahm @cspan @BrookingsInst An angle very much worth + analysis, up to/including any lobbying $ involved via, say, 501(c)3's
508d in reply to fransahm               
Fran Sahm @fransahm
@cspan @BrookingsInst #MJLegalization No mention of revenue from Privatized Prisons that are full of drug related inmates. So many kickbacks
508d in reply to cspanRetweeted by AnnCovalt               
Ann Covalt @AnnCovalt
@ezraklein If only it were comic! ...But there's still more than just hope.
518d in reply to ezraklein               
Jeffrey Goldberg @JeffreyGoldberg
Mark Kleiman notices a stunning omission from a leading drug warrior:… (h/t @MikeRiggs)
522d Retweeted by AnnCovalt               
Ann Covalt @AnnCovalt
Just attended gd Brookings briefing on ways to avoid federal-state conflict in liberalizing state marijuana laws…
Ann Covalt @AnnCovalt
An absolute must-see, for anyone interested in (avoiding) war and (promoting) peace, in the ME or anywhere --…
Ann Covalt @AnnCovalt
@ezraklein Also, role meat consumption & ethanol in climate change (& destruction critical wildlands/H20)? Need giant citizen action graph!
570d in reply to ezraklein               
Ann Covalt @AnnCovalt
@Laurie_David @nytimes Not sure antibiotics recommended for most ear infections anymore--ck? Medical overuse antibiotics a problem too
570d in reply to Laurie_David               
Ann Covalt @AnnCovalt
@algore In case you didn't catch --… . Also,…
577d in reply to algore               
Al Gore @algore
The @FinancialTimes says the case for a carbon tax is “overwhelming”
578d Retweeted by AnnCovalt               
Ezra Klein @ezraklein
John Podesta vs. Obama's secrecy on drones:…
585d Retweeted by AnnCovalt               
Ann Covalt @AnnCovalt
@StuPolitics Just read DColes's tweet--so prob solved, I hope. All the best--AC
589d in reply to StuPolitics               
Ann Covalt @AnnCovalt
@StuPolitics A follower of PBS news, I got a tweet from you with rather colorful language --spam? An issue of some kind for either of us? Tx
589d in reply to StuPolitics               
Ann Covalt @AnnCovalt
@ezraklein How wd Americans feel about foreign drone strikes (even of "bad guys") on our own soil, w/ all the well-known attendant trauma?
589d in reply to ezraklein               
Ann Covalt @AnnCovalt
@maddow Hi...DemocNow story on financial interests behind promotion debt reduction & no new taxes:…
600d in reply to maddow               
Ezra Klein @ezraklein
How the ultra-rich are pulling away from the ‘merely’ rich
608d Retweeted by AnnCovalt               
Ann Covalt @AnnCovalt
@davidaxelrod Yes but recall phrenology: association not = to causation. Good to keep limits-as well as great value-of science in mind.
609d in reply to davidaxelrod               
Ann Covalt @AnnCovalt
@nytimes Don't know about S vs W issue--just have been blindly appreciating my dazzlingly colorful Sheetz travel coffee cup
616d in reply to nytimes               
Ann Covalt @AnnCovalt
@TheScienceGuy @meetthepress Lacking + govt action, need ~prioritized list of stuff ordinary people can do to head off more climate change!
631d in reply to TheScienceGuy               
Ann Covalt @AnnCovalt
@billmckibben & on issue divesting, US private prison system holds more ppl, disproportionately minorities & nonviol, than ANY country
633d in reply to billmckibben               
Ann Covalt @AnnCovalt
@billmckibben Great--but need to consider all environ/human costs of altern energy sources 2 (biofuels destroy wildlands, release C02, &...)
633d in reply to billmckibben               
Melissa Harris-Perry @MHarrisPerry
Gun control petition is most popular ever posted on the White House web site
672d Retweeted by AnnCovalt               
Kirsten Gillibrand @SenGillibrand
I strongly support reinstating an Assault Weapons Ban and I urge my colleagues to pass it when the new Congress begins next year.
673d Retweeted by AnnCovalt               
Ann Covalt @AnnCovalt
@ariannahuff Closing women's services in VA--and US has > ppl in prison than any nation--largely minorities--...&. Much 2 do here in US 2
679d in reply to ariannahuff               
Arianna Huffington @ariannahuff
Celebrating United Nations Human Rights Day for everyone, everywhere #VOICECOUNTS
679d Retweeted by AnnCovalt               
Ann Covalt @AnnCovalt
@billmckibben Why wait for governments to act? We can educate ourselves to save energy. How to do this best, most efficiently?
681d in reply to billmckibben               
Ann Covalt @AnnCovalt
.@BobMcDonnell wants to eliminate unnecessary regs? Start with TRAP that endangers women's health #scrapTRAP
Ann Covalt @AnnCovalt
Rally for Choice in Richmond! :: NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia…
Ann Covalt @AnnCovalt
Ann Covalt @AnnCovalt… -- Abortion foes win clinic fight
Ann Covalt @AnnCovalt
@VACoalitionWH Please keep me on your action list -- I'm appalled by this push to negate women's rights. Thanks --
812d in reply to VACoalitionWH               
VA Coalition WH @VACoalitionWH
"Virginians are speaking loudly that they want the Board of Health to act based on evidence, not politics." #OpposeTRAP
835d Retweeted by AnnCovalt               
Ann Covalt @AnnCovalt
@amyewalter @jmartpolitico Don't know best single TR bio, but the Edmund Morris trilogy is truly GREAT reading (& EM a model writer)...
840d in reply to amyewalter               
Ann Covalt @AnnCovalt
True that many VA Planned Parenthood clinics must now close, given new state regulations? What are best info sources for VA women's issues?
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