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Gambling Invest's portfolio includes,,, and
4,526101240540 @gamblingdomains
New gTLDs breakdown and statistics by Domains, TLDs, Registrars, Registries, Registrants and Countries
1 @gamblingdomains domain name sells for $1.35m to new owner in the Philippines
180d       @gamblingdomains
BettingForum․net for sale $2500
1 @gamblingdomains
.US Gambling Domains For Sale http://gamblingdomains․us
261d       @gamblingdomains
Bookmaker Domains: Find the perfect domain name for your bookmaker or sportsbook site
262d       @gamblingdomains
Bookmaker Domains: Find the perfect domain name for your bookmaker site
1 @gamblingdomains
PokerMuseum․com and PokerIdeas․com available for sale or lease
1 @gamblingdomains
OddsGenius․com and OddsWizard․com available for sale or lease
2 @gamblingdomains
AsianBookmaker․com available for sale or lease
1 @gamblingdomains
IgamingMarket․com and IgamingDirectory․com available for sale and/or lease
2 @gamblingdomains
BettingForum․net and BettingOdds․net available for sale and/or lease
1 @gamblingdomains
HappySlots․com available for sale and/or lease
1 @gamblingdomains
BackandLay․com and BetLay․com available for sale and/or lease
1 @gamblingdomains
@saumarezsmith low five figures
298d in reply to saumarezsmith       @gamblingdomains
GolfBet․com available for sale and/or lease
1 @gamblingdomains
CiaoBet․com and CiaoPoker․com available for sale and/or lease
2 @gamblingdomains
DotLadbrokes passes ICANN Initial Evaluation
1 @gamblingdomains
US Government to pay $6 million to Kentucky to settle gambling domains case
300d       @gamblingdomains
What a Killer Domain Name Is Really Worth
3 @gamblingdomains
“The Only Good Domainer Is A Dead Domainer”
2 @gamblingdomains
RT @NewgTLDsICANN: Want to check on the status of a #NewgTLDs application? Just click here
1 @gamblingdomains
Iran files warnings against new gambling gTLDs
1 @gamblingdomains Is 2012's Priciest URL, but the Real Money Is Still in Sin
1 @gamblingdomains
Complete list of revenue models for the web and mobile
487d       @gamblingdomains
Preliminary Results of ICANN's Prioritization Draw
488d       @gamblingdomains
Icann to set new internet address timetable with raffle
488d       @gamblingdomains
Directed Browsing And The Death Of The URL
488d       @gamblingdomains
Why the proposed release of .uk will damage the UK economy
2 @gamblingdomains
Shorter .uk internet domain proposed by Nominet
537d       @gamblingdomains
$10 Million Domain Name Expires
559d       @gamblingdomains
Domain Brokers: How to Choose One and What it Takes to Be a Successful One
559d       @gamblingdomains
David Gzesh’s Purchase of Seized Online Gambling Domain Names Raises Questions
1 @gamblingdomains
Blue Monday Domains, Including DoylesRoom, True Poker and Bookmaker are Up For Sale
594d       @gamblingdomains
Can you live in a domain name?
1 @gamblingdomains
Full Tilt Poker owned around 10000 domain name according to the documents in the PokerStars-US Gov. settlement
628d       @gamblingdomains
ICANN’s New gTLDs Program: Disputes, Comments and Objections
641d       @gamblingdomains
RT @pier0: US Feds Describe Kentucky Domain Seizure as Unconstitional, Move to Strike State’s Claim
641d       @gamblingdomains domain sold to the Amateur Poker Association & Tour
1 @gamblingdomains
Looking to organize a reverse auction to dispose of 2000 gambling domains. Any suggestion what software/platform to use?
1 @gamblingdomains
Governments have started to put ICANN's massive top-level domain name expansion under scrutiny
659d       @gamblingdomains
ICANN Suspends Digital Archery
Pierluigi Buccioli @pier0
Is there a reverse auction or dutch auction service/website for domains?
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1 @gamblingdomains
Why Reverse Domain Name Hijacking needs to be a Real Penalty and the Most Comprehensive List of RDNH cases
669d       @gamblingdomains
The most valuable new gTLDs according to Sedo
670d       @gamblingdomains
Businesses will have to wait to evaluate full risks of new gTLDs, says expert
673d       @gamblingdomains
Is there a reverse auction or dutch auction service/website for domains?
674d       @gamblingdomains sold for 115k euros on Sedo
675d       @gamblingdomains
Apple, Google, Amazon: Give us our own domains
The Domains @thedomains
No new gTLD application for .Facebook
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3 @gamblingdomains
RT @pier0: Here is the full list of applications for new gTLDs #icann #revealday
Pierluigi Buccioli @pier0
A WSJ journalist just asked if .sucks is a useful addition or corporate blackmail. Icann said they have no opinion #revealday
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3 @gamblingdomains
RT @pier0: 20 minutes to ICANN Reveal Day: watch the event live
1 @gamblingdomains
Icann reveals new internet top-level domain name claims
1 @gamblingdomains
ICANN’s gTLD Big Reveal will shape the internet for years to come
677d       @gamblingdomains
Domain Name Analysis: What's in a (domain) name?
677d       @gamblingdomains
10 Things Trademark Owners Should Do on ICANN’s Domain Name ‘Reveal Day’
678d       @gamblingdomains
Experts weigh in: what do new TLDs mean for domainers?
678d       @gamblingdomains
Social shares mean high search rankings: stats
Domainer Don @domainerdon
What effect will the 2,000 + new TLD's from ICANN have on the domaining industry and especially the value of premium .com generics?
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1 @gamblingdomains
RT @pier0: In-store shopping most trusted, but buying online is overall favorite
681d       @gamblingdomains
ICANN to hold June 13 event to unveil applied-for gTLDs
1 @gamblingdomains
The 10,000 Most Popular Topics on the Internet By Domain Count
697d       @gamblingdomains
Meet the Mann who registered 14,962 domains in 24 hours
2 @gamblingdomains
Before naming your startup, read this
728d       @gamblingdomains
People are Letting Their Domain Names Expire To Get An Idea of Its Value
1 @gamblingdomains
Calculating The 5,000 Most Frequently Used Domain Name Prefixes and Suffixes
1 @gamblingdomains
.US Finally Getting Big Promotional Push From the American ccTLD's Registry Neustar
733d       @gamblingdomains
Should You Choose a Domain Name For Users or Search Engines?
735d       @gamblingdomains
Is Google Planning '.Google' and '.YouTube'? Probably
737d       @gamblingdomains
There is A Reason The Top Domain Investors Get Top Dollar Prices. They Ask Top Dollar
Pierluigi Buccioli @pier0
Message to wannabe bookmakers: if you are not ready to invest few thousands in the domain name, you should not be looking to run a business
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3 @gamblingdomains
UDRP Panel Says Responding To An Offer To Sell Doesn’t Indicate Bad Faith If The Offer Is Started By The Complainant
1 @gamblingdomains
What Startups Need To Know About Domain Names
740d       @gamblingdomains
300 Domain Prefixes and Suffixes (and More Ideas) to Help Create Your Name
743d       @gamblingdomains
WIPO Defies UN Sanctions To Give Computers To North Korea
745d       @gamblingdomains
RT @pier0: UN’s World Intellectual Property Organization gifts North Korea with tech worth $50k
745d       @gamblingdomains
This is Going to be Big: DomainTools Launches Sneak Preview of DomainTools Marketplace
745d       @gamblingdomains
10 Objective Factors Impacting Domain Value
746d       @gamblingdomains
@domainerdon How would you define forex if it's not gambling? Investing?
747d in reply to domainerdon       @gamblingdomains
Lean Domain Search Now Check The Availability Of 2,000 Domains Names per Search
748d       @gamblingdomains
Scrutiny intensifies over ICANN domain name plan
1 @gamblingdomains
Why you should never use free email services to manage your domain names!
750d       @gamblingdomains
Replace WHOIS: what should WHOIS be?
752d       @gamblingdomains
Judge Wingate’s Decision on Internet Gambling Domains is All Symbolic Now
752d       @gamblingdomains
Gambling domains for sale:, and, perfect for new online bookmakers
755d       @gamblingdomains
Generic Top-Level Domains: What Every Brand Manager Should Know
756d       @gamblingdomains
5 Reasons Why You Should Keep Your Domains at a Single Registrar
1 @gamblingdomains
"" or in alternative "" the best domain names if you are looking to launch a betting exchange
1 @gamblingdomains
Have a .com web address? Know the legal risks
763d       @gamblingdomains
Owning A Domain Name Is Forever If It Has 'Google Juice'
766d       @gamblingdomains
Five Trends Domainers Are Likely To Rally Around This Year
767d       @gamblingdomains
RT @pier0: Microsoft Research: Domain Bias in Web Search
767d       @gamblingdomains
RT @pier0: New top-level domains to trump .com in Google search results
767d       @gamblingdomains
Domain Names 101: How to Avoid Dot-Com Disasters
770d       @gamblingdomains
...a week ago topped DNJournal weekly sales list at $85k. Gambling domains are (once again) hot properties
771d       @gamblingdomains
Name Administration sold for $56k to game developer DragonPlay, not to be confused with 888 B2B division DragonFish...
771d       @gamblingdomains
What Worked And What Didn’t Work In 2011 In Domain Development
783d       @gamblingdomains
The No. 1 Tactic Expert Domainers Use to Sell Domain Names for Top Dollar
783d       @gamblingdomains
How to Acquire a Domain Name (That Someone Already Owns)
786d       @gamblingdomains
From Parked Page to Profitable Business in 3 Months
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