Twitter Activity Monitor

All Twitter accounts.
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Recently registered new Twitter ID (Click ID to check account): 2,488,139,986
Currently estimated amount of existing Twitter accounts:982.8 million100.0%
Number of accounts who have submitted a profile image:459.2 million46.7%
Number of accounts who have submitted a description:233.2 million23.7%
Number of accounts who have submitted a location:209.4 million21.3%
Number of protected accounts:50.4 million5.1%
Average number of followers per existing account:68
Average number of following per existing account:66
Average number of tweets sent per existing account:409
Last TweetAccounts in millionsAverage tweets per accountAverage tweets per day
Last 24 hours41.65,7328.60
Between 1-7 days ago39.91,5092.26
Between 8-30 days ago41.55690.95
Between 1-3 months ago51.53500.44
Between 4-12 months ago135.15720.24
More than 1 year ago237.83630.06
Estimated tweets per day: 557.1 million

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