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We received an error message from Twitter, and we did not find the user you selected. This is the message Twitter returned:

Error code: 50
Error message: User not found.
The last 13 followers of on Twitter with a twopscore less than 3

13.0% of the last 100 followers of have a twopscore below 3.

If you log in and select your own account, you can check your last 500 followers and quickly and efficiently block all accounts with a twopscore less than 3, if they seem fake or undesirable.
Paweł Górniak

156 days ago
Following: 445
Followers: 16
Twopscore: 1.47

196 days ago
Following: 226
Followers: 6
Twopscore: 2.35
Yippee-ki-yay, motherfucker.

4 hours ago
Following: 1,285
Followers: 61
Twopscore: 2.51
Julia Lisiecka

365 days ago
Following: 809
Followers: 182
Twopscore: 2.73

123 days ago
Following: 249
Followers: 4
Twopscore: 0.1
Jill Nathan

156 days ago
Following: 245
Followers: 8
Twopscore: 1.75
Złowieszcza bułka

193 days ago
Following: 41
Followers: 7
Twopscore: 1.08

Protected account
Following: 209
Followers: 5
Twopscore: 2.47
Damian Pisar

66 days ago
Following: 408
Followers: 1
Twopscore: 0.09
Sofia Fighter

No tweets
Following: 351
Followers: 1
Twopscore: 0.07
Marek Ostaszewski

443 days ago
Following: 449
Followers: 19
Twopscore: 1.53

32 days ago
Following: 966
Followers: 99
Twopscore: 2.16
zero sztuki

73 days ago
Following: 1,277
Followers: 230
Twopscore: 2.32
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Twitter: @twopchartsisok