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We received an error message from Twitter, and we did not find the user you selected. This is the message Twitter returned:

Error code: 50
Error message: User not found.
The last 5 followers of on Twitter with a twopscore less than 3

31.3% of the last 16 followers of have a twopscore below 3.This is quite a lot, and this usually only happens with accounts that are either very popular, and which are recommended by Twitter when a new account is registered, or in cases where accounts are cheating and buying fake followers.

If you log in and select your own account, you can check your last 500 followers and quickly and efficiently block all accounts with a twopscore less than 3, if they seem fake or undesirable. Since this account has a real fake follower problem, it may be wise to contact us for some help to manage this.
resim sanatı

No tweets
Following: 876
Followers: 117
Twopscore: 1.34
GNC Gaming

1106 days ago
Following: 1,738
Followers: 307
Twopscore: 1.55
Anti / AKP

1516 days ago
Following: 974
Followers: 245
Twopscore: 1.61
Afra Selcen

1345 days ago
Following: 1,610
Followers: 370
Twopscore: 2.77
Erol Özgür

1345 days ago
Following: 1,494
Followers: 439
Twopscore: 2.84
E-mail: info@twopcharts.com
Twitter: @twopchartsisok