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Top Twitter accounts
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For the last 10 years we have been tracking monthly statistics for many Twitter accounts in different languages. We have always done this is based on the total followers of accounts. Starting October 2019 we have stopped doing this, since we feel a ranking based on followers does not represent the true order of most popular Twitter accounts anymore. We have started a new initiative through Twitter account @realtoptweeps, where we rank the most popular Twitter accounts based on the following behaviour of active Twitter accounts in a number of languages. We believe this gives a much better idea of what currently the real most popular Twitter accounts are. You can find these new rankings on reatoptweeps.com

On this page we now only show an overview of the most followed Twitter accounts in the world for the last available month that has passed. You can also see rankings based on accounts with the most new followers. If you need to be able to see all ranked accounts, please contact us.
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