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Select charts for all the languages we are tracking and see what the biggest Twitter accounts are for the last available month that has passed.
Million+ Accounts
We make an effort to identify all active accounts on Twitter with at least 1 million followers, and track monthly and daily statistics for them.
Follow Tools
With our follow tools you can take action on your followers, following and blocked accounts, based on various criteria you can select.
Follow Tips
Every month we select the accounts per language with less than 75 thousand accounts who have gained the most new followers in the last month.
Tweet Analysis
For any public Twitter account you can analyze the last 1000 tweets to determine what kind of tweets are sent by this account
Inactive Following
With this tool you can determine for the accounts you follow what the last date was that they sent a tweet, ordered by longest inactive first.
Compare Following
Compare the account you follow with one or two accounts that you can select. We will show the accounts that you are all following.
Who Mentions Me
Find out which accounts have mentioned you the most recently. We will also show you the tweets in which you were mentioned by account.
Special Tweets
Send tweets that are altered in various ways. You can underline, strike or overlay your text. You can mix up the words, and reverse all characters.
Picture Tweets
With picture tweets you are not restricted by the 280 character limit for tweets, because we will convert your text to a picture in three variations.
Tweet Times
Check for any account you can see, so public accounts and protected accounts that you follow, on which hours of the day the account sends tweets.
Follower History
This is a service for the followers of @followerhistory who have their follower changes checked and reported by us via DM on a daily basis.
Following History
This is a service for the followers of our account @fwinghistory who have their following changes checked and reported by us via DM on a daily basis.
Relationship Check
For any two Twitter accounts we can check if they follow each other, if one follows the other, or if they do not follow each other at all.
ID Check
Each Twitter account has a unique ID number. Here you can find Twitter accounts based on this unique ID number, or find out what the ID number is.
Big Avas
You can check the last followers or following of any public account, or account you follow, and see all profile images in original format.
Hashtag Stories
Read all tweets sent from an account today and using a certain hashtag, as a story from begin to end, allowing youi to quickly catch up.
Hashtag Check
You can check for any hashtag, used on Twitter, how actively it is used at the current moment. The selection can be limited by language.
Hashtag History
Track the last 12 hours of hashtags that are submitted for tracking. We can track up to 50 hashtags at the same time and show the results in a chart.
Top Tweets
Every day we search for the top 200 tweets globally and in some languages and present them to you, either sorted by retweets or by likes.
Verified Accounts
We keep track of all accounts that are getting verified by Twitter and show the last ones here to you, with the most recent verified accounts first.
How Long On Twitter
Find out exactly how long an account has been on Twitter. Age will be indicated in years, months and days, together with some additional statistics.
Account Blocker
Check for any Twitter account that you are allowed to see how many of their last followers are suspicious and could be fake and/or inactive accounts.
E-mail: info@twopcharts.com
Twitter: @twopchartsisok