Interaction Overview
This tool is only available for accounts that have logged in to our service, because we are offering the opportunity to take account specific actions like sending or deleting tweets, and follow/unfollow actions. Please consider to log in, so you can use this tool, and also make more tools and possibilities available to you.

For an explanation of what you can do on this page, please click the button below

Interaction Overview
You can create an interaction overview for your account where we check for a certain period with which accounts, and how much, you have interacted with these accounts. This is done by checking both the tweets sent by an account and the mentions of an account.

Please note that the creation of interaction overviews is very time consuming and is done through a scheduling system, where your request is placed in a queue. In normal circumstances your overview will be ready within a few minutes.

You can now exclude accounts from appearing in any overview you make on our website. Changes will however only be visible in your next request.

We will remove your data after 7 days, but you can always request a new overview 10 minutes after an overview was created.
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