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Blocked Party
A podcast about rejection and social media from Stefan Heck (@boring_as_heck) and John Cullen (@cullenthecomic). Every Monday, plus two bonus episodes a month.
Last tweet: 4 hours ago
Blocked by Eoin
England, United Kingdom
Are you blocked by Eoin? Well give us a follow and let's see how many people Eoin has blocked! #gottaloveEoin follow @gallowayblocked and follow @EoinElects
Last tweet: 171 days ago
Patricia 🐓🍷🙅🏻‍♂️
West Coast
Gadfly tweeting about corruption & alt-wrong bigots. RWNJs are blocked. Blocked by Captain Kirk and Chachi. Tweets are my own, RT not necessarily endorsements
Last tweet: 20 minutes ago
Palmer Report
Los Angeles, CA
Palmer Report. Political analysis ahead of the curve. Followed by President Obama. Blocked by Donald Trump Junior. Do the math.
Last tweet: 6 minutes ago
Anushka Sharma
illegitimi non carborundum . Anyone spreading hatred will be blocked .
Last tweet: 5 days ago
bob clendenin
I’m an acquired taste. Q = blocked, ❌ = blocked.
Last tweet: 28 minutes ago
Bakari Sellers
Denmark, SC
Former SC House of Rep '06 - '14. Democratic nominee for Lt. Gov. '14. @CNN @StromLaw. Blocked by the most powerful man in the 🌎. https://t.co/uxL2xu6HuF
Last tweet: 3 hours ago
How To Get Blocked
United States
The steps on how to get blocked by celebrities.
Last tweet: 403 days ago
Every Blocked Bike Lane Report SF
San Francisco, CA
Unofficial bot. I tweet every blocked bike lane report with a photo from @SF311. Download SF311 (https://t.co/yZGKtpX4Sp), report issues, & see them here! DMs are open
Last tweet: 2 hours ago
Will not provide screenshots if you're blocked. Will not RT tweets sent in DM. Hence The Mudi Sud Rejine.
Last tweet: 10 minutes ago
Follow Help 100K
Turn on my notifications to get notified whenever I tweet. Rules: 🔸If You Will Copy tweets ,Direct Blocked 🔸Followback everyone 🔸Follow me = 💯% FollowBack
Last tweet: 18 minutes ago
Babul Supriyo
Spaced Out In Outer Space
HumanByNature😀SingerByHeart🥳ExBanker💰UnionMINofState• HeavyIndustries&PublicEnt• GovtOfINDIA•ThinSkinned-FindUnfairTrollingHard2Deal With•AmNotAlwaysRight🤩
Last tweet: 6 minutes ago
Bangalore, India
If I criticize a Twitter handle, it is no invitation to you to target abuse at that handle on my timeline. You will be summarily blocked if you do so.
Last tweet: 36 minutes ago
Blocked By Brandel Chamblee
Reality, USA
A safe space for people blocked by Brandel Chamblee. Bringing together people that understand the golf swing one block at a time.
Last tweet: 285 days ago
Brit Hume
Washington, D.C.
Sr. Political Analyst, Fox News Channel. Arguments welcome. Name callers & verbal abusers blocked.
Last tweet: 3 hours ago
Stephen McDonell
China Correspondent, British Broadcasting Corporation, after 9 years as ABC Beijing Bureau Chief. Abusive, rude language gets you blocked.
Last tweet: 46 minutes ago
100% F4F Unf=blocked
Toronto, Ontario
@azthemansays for another followback! Follow4Follow (48hrs) & Let's grow together! Unfollow = blocked. #MGWV #IFB #F4F #TeamFollowBack
Last tweet: 2 hours ago
Trump Blocked Me (MAHDI)
Chicago to Los Angeles
top that homeboy - I make videos too.. Also blocked by Donald Trump, Glenn Greenwald, Mike Huckabee, Dana Loesch, Jack Posobiec & Mike Cernovich!
Last tweet: 16 hours ago
Last tweet: Protected account
KamalLochan (କମଲ)
A Hindu Nationalist ,Traveller , Political Analyst,Culture, History, Sports and Photography. Blessed to be Followed by PM @narendramodi blocked by @swamy39
Last tweet: 2 hours ago
E-mail: info@twopcharts.com
Twitter: @twopchartsisok