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Official Charts
Poptastic breaking news, facts and stats from the UK's Official Chart. Get the charts direct to your inbox, subscribe to the newsletter: https://t.co/af2AWrLA13
Last tweet: 9 hours ago
Rob Copsey
Editor of https://t.co/4Yk3CcAd0A, lover of all things musical.
Last tweet: 14 hours ago
George Caceres
Los Angeles / New York
Producer of Pop Star and Rockstar Academy
Last tweet: 6 hours ago
Ariana Charts
7 rings
Your #1 source of charts.
Last tweet: 2 hours ago
Ariana Grande Charts
Your best, biggest and most updated source of charts about Ariana Grande.
Last tweet: 6 hours ago
Lady Gaga Charts
Sua principal fonte de charts e notícias sobre Lady Gaga. / Your main fan account source of charts and news about Lady Gaga.
Last tweet: 7 hours ago
The best source about BLACKPINK charts and sales. Turn our notifications on! @ygofficialblink
Last tweet: 4 hours ago
Camila Charts
Your first source about charts, sales and entertainment for the singer-songwriter Camila Cabello.
Last tweet: 2 hours ago
Portfolio Charts
Portfolio Charts explores practical worldwide index investing strategies using intuitive charts and real-world examples that look beyond the raw numbers
Last tweet: 5 days ago
Selena Gomez Charts 🔍
Turn on our notifications!
Your #1 Selena Gomez source on charts and sales around the world.
Last tweet: 12 hours ago
Katy Perry Charts
Source #1 of charts about Katy Perry.
Last tweet: 4 hours ago
Avril Lavigne Charts
Here to support and provide updates about @AvrilLavigne on the charts around the world. Turn on our notifications to get updates.
Last tweet: 4 hours ago
Upcoming 100 Charts
The #Fastest-Growing Music Charts. Charting The Next Generation of #MegaStars. Top Headline News, Reviews, Videos and more.
Last tweet: 24 minutes ago
ITZY Charts
Your first and best source about the new rookie girl group @ITZYofficial's charts and sales. Turn our notifications on!
Last tweet: 3 hours ago
Pabllo Vittar Charts 👮🏼‍♀️
A sua primeira e principal fonte de charts sobre Pabllo Vittar no Brasil e no mundo! // Conta secundária para votações: @phabullo_charts
Last tweet: 3 hours ago
Normani Charts
Your source for information on charts and sales of singer Normani.
Last tweet: 5 hours ago
Ariana Grande Charts
Ariana Grande's fan-source about charts and sales. Turn on our post notifications for daily updates.
Last tweet: 5 hours ago
Kpop Charts
Your best source about charts and sales of K-Pop artists.
Last tweet: 5 hours ago
Iggy Azalea Charts
Melhor fonte de charts sobre Iggy Azalea no Brasil / Best source about sales and charts by the rapper Iggy Azalea. • Iggy follows •
Last tweet: 9 hours ago
Redmond, WA
Simply the Web's Best Financial Charts
Last tweet: 2 hours ago
E-mail: info@twopcharts.com
Twitter: @twopchartsisok