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20 results found for mentions
Last tweet: 10 hours
We dig every corner of the internet to find all the relevant mentions about anyone or anything. Get Your Free Trial Now!
Second Mentions
Last tweet: 4 hours
Celebrating the wonderful descriptive ability of the world's journalists #inelegantvariation #elegantvariation
Last tweet: 4 hours
I don't have this hell-app on my phone so don't see mentions or messages right away. choire @ nytimes dot com + @nytstyles (he/him but not that attached to it)
Last tweet: 11 hours
Empowering small businesses to succeed. Policies: ow.ly/NRW430jcYYU. Retweets nor @mentions ≠ endorsements.
Doctor Who Official
Last tweet: 2 days
Official @BBC Twitter account for Doctor Who run by BBC Group. Mentions and RTs do not constitute endorsement. Instagram.com/bbcdoctorwho
NASA Webb Telescope
Last tweet: 13 hours
NASA's James Webb Space Telescope will give us an amazing look at the universe! It will launch in 2021. RT, likes, and/or @mentions do not imply endorsement.
US EPA Research
Last tweet: 9 hours
Science news, links, and conversation from the US Environmental Protection Agency's Office of Research and Development (ORD). RTs /mentions are not endorsement.
Michelle Goldberg
Last tweet: 8 hours
NYT columnist; co-host of The Argument podcast; MSNBC contributor; author. I don't check Twitter mentions.
U.S. EPA Water
Last tweet: 11 hours
The Environmental Protection Agency's Office of Water--working for clean water for all Americans. Neither RT nor @mentions imply endorsement.
Rich Miller
Last tweet: 3 hours
All Illinois politics, all the time. If you use profanity in a reply or post ads in my mentions, you will be blocked.
EPA Chemical Safety
Last tweet: 12 hours
News and information from U.S. EPA's Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention. Neither RT nor @mentions imply endorsement.
Sandia National Labs
Last tweet: 3 hours
U.S. @Energy labs dedicated to securing a peaceful and free world through #science and #technology. Follows, RTs and mentions ≠ endorsements.
Peter Marks
Last tweet: 2 hours
Theater critic, Washington Post. Co-host of Three on the Aisle podcast. Triggered by mentions of “Shipoopi.”
Tim Goodman
Last tweet: 5 hours
Tim Goodman is the Chief TV Critic for The Hollywood Reporter. Checking Mentions and bailing. Mostly here for Music Twitter.
verified accounts
Last tweet: 31 minutes
All we care about are verified accounts and you! Follow us for your monthly Twitter statistics by DM and important milestone mentions.
US Army Central
Last tweet: 1 hours
Official twitter handle of U.S. Army Central (Following, Mentions, RTs and links ≠ endorsement) #Unified4Readiness
Last tweet: 13 hours
Official Twitter account for the U.S. Special Operations Command. RTs, mentions & follows do not constitute an endorsement.
Last tweet: 15 hours
The Angeles National Forest was established by Executive Order in December, 1892. It covers over 650,000 acres. Mentions/Following/RTs don't=endorsement
Beyond The Style ✼ Alex ✼
Last tweet: 11 hours
BTS (방탄소년단 ) FA | 📨contact me: Alex, alexgetonswag@gmail.com | I don't read mentions
USDOT Research
Last tweet: 13 hours
Office of the Assistant Secretary for Research and Technology - U.S. Department of Transportation. Neither RT nor @mentions imply endorsement.
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