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If you want an interaction circle, but do not like to log in and also do not need any of our other services that require logged in users, you can now go to realtoptweeps.com and request an interaction circle without the need to log in, so no issues with permissions. The circle wil look the same, but will be a little less accurate, because it analyzes less data.
You are not logged in.
Why do you need to log in?

Most of the information we show on our website comes directly from Twitter. As an authorized application on Twitter we can make requests for information, but all our requests have to come from users that have authorized our application to make requests on their behalf. By logging in you approve that our application can make requests to Twitter on your behalf, if and when you take actions that are available on our website.

Our application only does what you ask it to do, it does not take any action by itself!

Since we offer functionality where you can follow and unfollow accounts, and post tweets, we require the authorization level that you see when you click the "Log In" button. Unfortunately Twitter does not offer more differentiated authorization levels that are just specific for each separate service that you may want to use on our website.

Twopcharts can provide some free services to followers of our accounts. If you wish to make use of one, or more, of these services you can "opt-in" to these services by indicating your preferences on this page after you have logged in.
You can always revoke access from our application, or any other application, to your account on Twitter by clicking the following link: twitter.com/settings/applications
E-mail: info@twopcharts.com
Twitter: @twopchartsisok